UAE - Operation SandHash
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UAE: Operation SandHash
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UAE - Operation SandHash
A pioneering venture designed to capitalise on the unique advantages offered by the UAE for Bitcoin mining. The project strategically leverages the UAE's distinctive features, including a pro-crypto government, favourable tax environment, abundant cheap electricity, and an exceptionally low crime rate.
Internal Rate of Return (IRR%)
industry prediction
Optimistic case
Mining vs Buying Bitcoin chart
Pantheon Mining as a service (MaaS) in the UAE
Total cost hosting
$0.045 per KW/H
Whatsminer M50
Whatsminer 120
expected delivery
60 days
price per miner
Minimal investment:
Contract duration:
Up to 5 years
Total Cost of Hosting includes:
Electricity Deposit (3 months)
Weekly Cleaning
Why Pantheon
The Pantheon team has over 25 years of combined experience in Bitcoin Mining. Our experience operating across different countries, macro and regulatory conditions and still providing sustainable Bitcoin returns to our clients are built on the Pantheon Pillars.
Client focused
Every client has their own dedicated manager and a personal banking environment giving them bespoke service and total control. Full-time customer service operators provide 24/7 support.
Own, manage, spend your mined Bitcoin simply & securely through our platform. Enjoy value added services such as Pantheon Platinum card, including rewards.
Max Bitcoin returns
We maximise uptime, reduce costs & mitigate risks with electricity PPAs, maintenance, cleaning, insurance, and a network of trusted partners.
Secure & sustainable
We locate our operations only where there is socio political stability, cheap and sustainable electricity, and dependable infrastructure.
Other projects
Choose a project that aligns with your sustainability,
profitability and investment size needs.

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UAE: 1MW Project
UAE: 1MW Project
Unique opportunity in the UAE. We are excited to introduce a lucrative Bitcoin mining opportunity in the UAE, that promises sustainable growth.
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UAE: 1MW Project
Finland: Operation FrostBite
A groundbreaking venture set amidst the pristine landscapes of Finland. The project utilizes a data center for grid balancing and introduces innovative heat reuse technology to contribute to city heating.
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UAE: 1MW Project
Top Secret: Coming soon
We are in negotiations with partners around the world to bring you the best Mining Operations that align with our golden triangle philosophy. Dependable infra-structure, geopolitical stability and the most economical electricity.
Coming Soon

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